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5 Great Reasons Why You Should Clean Shave (With Our Natural Shaving Oil)

5 Great Reasons Why You Should Clean Shave (With Our Natural Shaving Oil)

Whether you’re on team clean shave or team facial hair, one thing is certain — it feels good to have a well-kempt, well-maintained face. Of course, this takes time and effort. Sure, taking 10 minutes each morning to shave your face isn’t too cumbersome, but it’s certainly easier to be lazy and just let that facial hair go.

Supporting Your Facial Endeavors With All-Natural Men’s Pre-Shave Oil

At Alonzo’s Sensational Shave, we’re a bit of a “Switzerland” when it comes to facial hair styles. On one hand, we sell the world’s best all-natural pre-shave oil for men to support the best shaving experience of your life. On the other hand, we also sell all-natural beard oil designed to maintain and moisturize that lush mane. You could say that we’re relatively impartial when it comes to your facial hair style of choice, and we’re also supportive of whatever you choose to do.

But in today’s blog post, we’ll be looking at five great reasons why you should clean shave (don’t worry, we also have blog posts about beards). If you’re on the fence about shaving your beard, this post is for you, gentlemen.

Why Should You Clean Shave?

Your Face Will Be As Smooth As A Baby’s Bottom

Some men want that grizzled look, so the idea of a face that’s as smooth as a baby’s bottom probably scares them. And if you’ve rocked a full-on beard for quite some time, you may very well look like a baby after you’ve shaved.

That being said, there’s something really nice about a smooth, freshly shaven face. A lot of women love it, so...there you go.

Your Pores Get A Chance To Breathe

When there’s constantly hair on your face, it makes it difficult for the pores on your face to breathe. Clean shaving fixes this! And when you shave every single day, it gives these pores a fresh chance to breathe.

You’ll Look More Professional

Though there are many ways to rock facial hair in an entirely professional manner, the working reality is that clean-shaven men just look more professional, especially when they’re wearing formal business clothing. This is simply a fact (and an unfortunate one for those with beards).

There’s no doubt that you’re more likely to land that dream job with a well-kempt, clean-shaven face. Unless you’re applying to become a lumberjack.

Your Parents Won’t Hassle You Anymore

Getting tired of mom nagging at you every time you come home? Give her nothing to complain about by making sure that you shave (and hide those tattoos, too).

The Hot Weather Isn’t So Bad

A full beard makes hot, humid weather even more miserable. If you live somewhere that’s really hot, we strongly recommend keeping it clean-shaven. If the temperatures are dynamic year-round, perhaps you can shave during the summer and grow a beard after Halloween.

Looking For Gentle, Hydrating, All-Natural Pre-Shave Oil?

There is no other seed-based shaving oil quite like Alonzo’s Sensational Shave. Treat your face and shop today!

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