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How to Use Shave Oil

How to Use Shave Oil

Shaving has been a major challenge for many people with beard since forever. They are either afraid of burns, or pimples after shaving. However, shaving with oil and razor blade gets you a better shave and it is very economical.

Below are the steps to take to have a clean shave using oil and razor blade
• Wash your face in order to remove fat and all dead skin. In fact, you better take a shower and let’s start shaving immediately.

• Your hair needs moisture. The best way to get moisture on the hair is to soak a towel into hot water and apply it a few seconds to your face. That way, you have open pores and soft hairs ready to be shaved

• Put a few drops of shaving oil into your hand. Then apply it to every area on your face that you want to shave. If you have oil left in your hands, which is not unlikely, don’t waste the oil, rather rub it on the rest of your face.

• To have a smooth shave using the razor blade, put some more hot water on your face. Yes, water and oil do not mix, but that accounts for the smooth movement of the blade on your face. Should you notice that the razor blade does not glide properly anymore, don’t hesitate to add more water to your face

• Shave twice especially if you have a thick beard. However, be mindful of the pressure you put in order not to cause a cut and later razor burn. So, put little or no pressure on the razor

• When you are done, splash your face with cold water to get rid of any hair remains. Then put some drop of oil and water, this help with a soothing after-shave effect.

• Clean your razor blade under running water and towel-dry it.

It could be tedious having to shave with a razor blade and oil, but as you will find out, it’s worth it. Enjoy shaving!

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