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How to Use Shave Oil

How to Use Shave Oil

How to Use Shave Oil

Below are the steps to take to have a clean shave using oil and razor blade

  • Wet Your face with a small amount of warm or hot water.

  • Place a few drops of oil into the palm of your hand.

  • Apply oil to the area to be shaved.  Keep in mind that a little goes a long way and oil will accumulate in the blades, thus reducing the amount of oil needed.  If there is excess oil, use it on entire face as a skin nourishing moisturizer.  

  • Shave with light pressure, this will help prevent nicks and razor burn.

  • Pat dry with a hand towel after shaving.  It is OK to have a thin layer of residue when you are done, this will help your skin feel amazing.

It is Pretty Simple.  If you have never used a shave oil, you can try it here for FREE (Just chip in $2.99 for shipping ) using coupon code FREETRIAL


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