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How Alonzo’s Sensational Shave Can Help You With Our Men’s Shaving Products Online

For millennia, men have had to deal with hair on their face. And for many years, that wasn’t really a problem — you just let it grow naturally and that was that. But then modern-day societies began to develop along with social norms. Social contexts were created that necessitated a clean-shaven face, or a well-kempt facial hairstyle that resembled more effort beyond just “letting it ride.”

Thus, men’s shaving products entered the mainstream. Though shaving tools and accessories have, of course, drastically changed over the years, the need to maintain the facial mane hasn’t.

In order to provide our fellow men with modern, all-natural shaving solutions designed to cradle the face in comfort and uber-moisturization, Alonzo’s Sensational Shave Oil was born.

What Is Alonzo’s Sensational Shave?

Men with high shaving standards deserve a high-quality shaving solution. Alonzo’s Sensational Shave encompasses a variety of all-natural men’s shaving products including our signature one: Alonzo’s Sensational Shave Oil. Our goal is to make shaving an absolute pleasure for men of all skin types, and to help you actually look forward to shaving every single morning. What a concept!

Alonzo’s Sensational Shave Oil

Our all-natural pre-shave oil for men is simple to use and simple in its ingredients — you won’t find any preservatives or colorings here! You see, your skin (including the facial skin) is quite porous, and the products that you use can easily absorb into the bloodstream. Wouldn’t you want to avoid putting foreign, potentially harmful chemicals in your body? We thought so.

Alonzo’s Sensational Shave Oil is made from natural seed oils, kernel oils, and nut oils. Specifically, our formula includes:

  • Grapeseed oil
  • Olive oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Apricot oil
  • Bergamot oil

These oils are rich in Vitamins C, D, and E, helping to moisturize your skin and clean your pores without clogging them. What’s even better is that they’re really simple to use; just splash some water on your face, rub a few drops of oil in, and start shaving!

Alonzo’s Beard Oil

Not every man shaves. We understand that a clean-cut look just doesn’t look as good as a healthy beard on certain men, and that’s why we took our approach to creating the best natural shaving oils on the market and applied it to beard oil. Alonzo’s Beard Oil is also made with the same incredible seed, kernel, and nut oils found in our natural shaving oil, but it’s specifically formulated to help your beard stay lush and glistening for all-day softness.

Other Shaving Solutions

Some men prefer to use a thicker shaving cream during their morning shaves, and that’s why we also happily offer Alonzo’s Premium Bergamot Shave Cream. We even sell high-quality shaving razors online to provide you with a surefire, smooth shave every single time.

We also haven’t forgotten about our ladies out there — Alonzo’s Ladies Shave And Body Oil will help you enjoy the smoothest legs and other areas of the body while promoting all-natural moisturization.

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Alonzo’s Sensational Shave has all of your shaving (and bearding) needs covered. Questions or concerns? Feel free to reach out to our team at