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About Alonzo's Sensational Shave

It all started in the basement of a retired attorney who wanted to finally put his 1964 degree in chemistry to work. Alonzo knew that various oils could be combined in such a way as to make a single solution, but it took two years to finally get the mixture exactly the way he wanted it. Sure enough, Alonzo perfected it. The result? Our men’s shaving oil uses a unique blend of seed and nut oils, making shaving an absolute pleasure.  

Alonzo’s Sensational Shave is designed for men who truly care about their shaving experience. From ultra-sensitive skin to normal facial skin, our blend of all-natural seed and nut oils ensures that your shaving experience is smooth and precise, right down to the follicle.

Whether you prefer to use an electric shaver or an old school straight razor, we’re confident that you’ll be impressed at how smooth and moisturized your face feels. Some folks apply our pre-shave products before applying traditional shaving cream, while others solely use our shaving oil. The result is the same: a superior shave.



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Our Amazon customers agree that our pre-shave oil is the real deal. Our pre-shave oils are all-natural, so we skip the harmful chemicals found in other shaving products that tend to dry out and irritate your skin. What’s the point of shaving if it’s only going to harm your face?

It’s about time that you made the switch to the best shaving oil on the market. And for those of you with beards that can’t imagine shaving, Alonzo also has you covered with his beard oil (we get it, beards are cool, too!)

Your face deserves the best care. We can help! Shop our shaving products and beard care products today.

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